What is the Crimson Void? Who is Athanasios?

Well, it all has to do with a novel I’ve outlined but will probably never write. The protagonist of this novel seeks the power of the Crimson Void – supposedly, a gem from what amounts to God – to unite his nation against a terrible threat. Intelligence reveals that the Crimson Void is in the hands of tenuous allies to the west, and leveraging ancient feuds, our protagonist stages an invasion to get this artifact. He attains it, but at a high price. The gem grafts with him and encases him in armor which he cannot remove, but it provides him with fantastic power as well. Over time, it separates him from his soul and his body becomes a vessel for the Crimson Void’s will. This vessel comes to refer to itself as Athanasios.

The Crimson Void, far from being an artifact from God, was actually the essence of a sinister threat to existence. In antiquity, a woman known as Xaos comes to understand reality perfectly; indeed, she has the power to edit reality as she sees fit (called reality editation). She is dealt with by (more or less) God, who splits her into three – her mind is trapped in the dream realm, her body imprisoned outside of time, and her essence becomes the Crimson Void.

Oh yeah. There was also some other stuff about the Crimson Void. But that was a long time ago.

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